As the Residential Real Estate season begins, we’d like to provide this public service post regarding the most common question we get as Appraisers: What do you charge for an Appraisal?

Great Question! That depends on one, the type of residential property; Mobile home, Mansion, Waterfront, etc., and two, the purpose of the Appraisal; Mortgage/Refinance, Attorney, Nonlender Buyer/Seller, etc.

Following are the typical situations and or scenarios:

1) Is this for a Mortgage Loan? If the Appraisal is for a Mortgage Loan, then Local Lenders, their Agents (AMCs), Real Estate Agents, and multiple Federal Requirements and agencies costs are involved.

a. Mortgage-related Appraisal: Fee’s range because it involves your Lender, multiple government agencies, and the Lenders third parties called “Appraisal Management Companies”(AMC’s). The Appraisal is only performed for the Lender’s benefit (the Client), and not the Seller/Buyer consumers (Non-client) benefit.

b. Mortgage Banks outsource their responsibilities onto AMCs. This process drives down their costs onto you, the consumer. As of March 2020, the estimated range that your Lender (Mid-West fees) will charge for their Appraisal is between $600. and $1200.USD (Coastal prices are much higher). The actual Appraiser that’s involved will only receive a modest percentage of that from 40% to 60% of that. The Lenders Agent, the Management Company, will receive the bulk of the fee.

2) Non Lender, Consumer Appraisal: Home Owner, Home Buyer, or other Non-Lender use? The Consumer is the Client. Appraisal fees “average” at an incredibly modest fee of $550 (Mid-West Fee). This is a bargain for the Appraiser Consumer Client because they can receive the same due diligence and unbiased third-party data and insight, the Lenders do.

3) Real Estate Agencies and their Salespersons cost: To markets/sell’s a modest $200,000.00 (Mid-West) home, agencies charge an average fee of 6%. The consumer/homeowner cost is approximately $12,000. Which does not include transfer and local taxes, this could run an additional $1000 to $6000.

4) Mortgage and or Refinance cost: That depends on your FICO score and Lending institution. This process can set you back from a low $2800.00 for the best FICO score to refinance, and up to $9000.00, (Mid-West Fee) and beyond for a new loan.

When the savvy consumer compares and performs the math, the Appraisal fee is the least expensive, and the highest value in the real estate transaction of all the players involved.

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