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Taylor Made Real Estate Appraisal Products and Services to match Client Requirements

Grand Rapids, West Michigan Real Estate Appraisers & Consultants

Third Party, Objective State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraisers Protecting the Public Trusts in Real Estate Transactions. 

Home Buyer Valuation, Support and Agent Referral Services

Before you spend thousands, invest a few hundred to find out if it's really worth it. Taylor Made Real Estate Advice To Fit Your Lifestyle. Real Estate Appraisers by their training and experience, our professional home buyers. Appraisers do this every day. Our core Appraisal analysis covers current Mortgage Industry updates, local area market analysis that goes right down to specific neighborhood reporting. We've also are Licensed Drone Pilots, and clients can add an optional Drone Video and Photography a particular property or area.

Pre-Listing Appraisals Support Services for Home Owners

Professional Home Measurement, Neighborhood Market, Lot/Land, Condition, History, and market options confirmed by a neutral third-party Licensed, Certified and Insured Real Estate Appraiser. ANSI Home Measurement Standards, Neighborhood Market, Lot/Land, Condition, History, and market options confirmed by a local, neutral third-party, Licensed, Certified and Insured Real Estate Appraiser.

For Sale By Home Owner (FSBO) Appraisals

Appraisal only or Appraisal plus consulting for an in-depth review of your property and your market. Real Estate is changing, and Sellers have effective options and strategies to the market property today. Real Estate is a 30 Trillion dollar industry, and there have been massive changes since 2017. Contact us for insight into these changes.

Home Insurance Appraisals

What type of home insurance that you have today very important. Insurance Value Appraisals range from Replacement Cost to a full Video recording of your personal valuables. We always walk our clients through the best and worst-case scenarios of our products/services, to be sure you're protected. An Accident claim is a serious business. Insist on professional appraisal documentation of records to protect you and the family home before a situation strikes. Peace of mind of not being over or under insured.​

Legal Support Services

Clearly written, defensible, fair market Appraisal reports. Accuracy, Clarity & Communications. Letters of Engagement and Disengagement. We always walk our clients through the best and worst-case scenarios of our products/services.

Executor, Trust, and Probate Appraisal Support Services

Settling an estate can be a complex and outstanding job? If you're either a Trustee or an Executor, we can provide you with the IRS compliant Appraisal services. Everybody lives a busy life today and as executor executrix you may be under pressure from the heirs to rapidly follow through with every step of the process. Our primary function is to relieve the burden of the valuation of any real property involved in the estate. If you've been assigned a position of trust, we know that you are concerned with doing the right thing and doing it properly. We recognize this may be your first estate settlement, and it's not just about settlement. Often the settlement of an estate helps to bring part of the closure needed to move forward and we do our best to help to make that a comfortable progression.

Drones in Real Estate Appraisal

Drone Pros LLC. Drone Service Provider

Michigan Drone Service Provider offering Qualified, FAA 107 Certified Remote Drone Pilots for Commercial Real Estate. Property Management, Insurance Companies, Construction Site Monitoring Aerial Photography and Video Services, Residential Real Estate for Brokers, For Sale By Owners, Investor Buyers (i-Buyers). Drone Fees are based on Time, Material and Compliance with FAA Rules and Regulations.​

PMI Removal Appraisals

We can work with your current lender and provide you with the most current Appraisal for the banks approval to remove PMI from your Mortgage account

Real Estate Consulting

We offer in-depth analysis of West Michigan properties including Water Front, Golf Front, Acreage, Home Owners Associations, Property Owner Associations. Pre-Construction, Lot and neighborhood conformity (so you do not over build. Valuation and Consulting Services for our Clients. Data-driven, clear Scope of Work and solution Based. Data Services: Deep dive historic and current trends, Suburb Location analysis. We always walk our clients through the best and worst-case scenarios of our products/services. Schedule your Appointment Today?

Trust Real Estate Appraisal Services PLC Service Area.

West Michigan Certified Real Estate Appraisers protecting the public trust in real estate transactions. Appraisal and valuation services for Attorneys, Financial, and Insurance professionals. Home Buyers and Sellers. Our primary service area is Grand Rapids, West Michigan, Montcalm County: Greenville, Newaygo County, Fremont, Grant, Newaygo, White Cloud. Mecosta County, Big Rapids, Stanwood, and Canadian Lakes, MI.

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