Executors-Administrators-Trustees of Estates

With the recent popularity of living trusts and all the sophisticated tax avoidance methods being used by affluent individuals, appraisals are being needed more and more for both tax planning purposes prior to a property owner’s death, and for settling an estate after death. At Trust Real Estate Appraisal Services PLC., we specialize in delivering high-quality appraisals that meet the requirements of the courts and involved agencies. Plus, our convenient electronic ordering and delivery system allows us to provide much quicker turnaround times than other appraisal services and helps eliminate costly miscommunications. We are also experienced in these matters and will be sure to act in a manner that is sensitive to the feelings of-all parties involved.

  • Among the instances when an Estate Appraisal may be needed are:
  • Sale to a relative
  • Partitioning an estate among the heirs or beneficiaries
  • Sale to a non-relative
  • Prior to listing the home for sale
  • Partial interest (typically income property)
  • Federal or state estate tax returns
  • Gifts and gift trusts
  • Determining the basis for capital gains tax

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Who May Need an Estate Appraisal?

  • Attorneys
  • Accountants and enrolled agents
  • Gift trusts
  • Executors and administrators
  • Trustees