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Trust Real Estate Appraisal Services PLC is Canadian Lakes MI and the Tri-Lakes Area’s only local State Certified Residential Appraiser with the advanced real estate training, education, credentials, and experience to appraise complex properties of any type and of any value.

Since 2003, we’ve been delivering independent, third-party objective real estate appraisals for our clients for them to make confident real estate decisions.

Canadian Lakes is located in Mecosta County, in Morton Township sixty miles north of Grand Rapids MI.

It is home to five (5) resort and recreational areas, targeting retirees and recreational enthusiasts alike.

These include the Canadian Lakes development, Tullymore Golf, and St Ives developments area. These natural and recreation areas (including the associated residential developments) dominate the western half of Morton Township.

The Canadian Lakes systems include Fifty Two Residential areas, each with their own CC&R’s  (covenants, conditions and restrictions.) Contact your Appraiser for details on how this can impact your buying decision.

Seven-hundred and twenty-three acres, which includes East Canadian Lakes, Canadian Lakes, West Canadian Lakes, Far West Canadian Lakes, Lake of the Clouds, Dukes Lake, Lake Laura, Fawn Lake, Lake Tullymore, Kilkenny Lake, Swan Lake, and Sunset Shores Pond.

Most of these lakes are man-made and are fed through springs and private water wells. These lakes are all private and open only to residents and their guests. Water is drawn from these lakes to irrigate the neighboring golf courses.

The Tullymore and St Ives complexes also include numerous lakes, ponds, and streams. All are either natural or spring fed.  Canadian Lakes MI has the largest Airstrip in the area and is located at northeast corner of 100th Avenue and 7 Mile Road and is owned by the Canadian Lakes Property Owners, has a grass runway. The Landing strip has its own residential area with homes that include hangers.

Estate, Trustee, Executors

When is a formal Real Estate Appraisal, from a Third Party Professional a good idea? Real Estate Appraisals are needed for both tax planning prior to an owner’s death, and for settling an estate after death. We’re experienced in these matters and act in a manner that is sensitive to feelings and provides reliable appraisals for the following situations and or parties involved: 

1) When you’re a family member in the Role of as “Executor”, with many family members to disperse the Estate holdings

2) Or an Attorney, or Administrator partitioning an estate among the heirs or beneficiaries

3) You’re involved in the Sale to a Relative or Non Relative 

4) Prior to listing any home for sale 

5) Federal or state estate tax returns 

6) Gifts and gift trusts 

7) Determining the basis for capital gains tax

Our Buyer Clients can expect a neutral third-party State Certified Appraiser and Consultation Services for an in-depth scope of work based on your requirements.

Your Home Measurements, Neighborhood Market, Lot/Land, Condition, History, and market options confirmed and documented by a neutral third-party Licensed, Certified and Insured Real Estate Appraiser.

A Full Appraisal, or Full Appraisal plus Consulting for an in-depth review of your property and your market. Real Estate is always changing and Sellers have options and strategies to market property accordingly.

Accident claims are serious business. Insist on a professional appraisal to protect you and your family before a situation strikes, not after. Peace of mind knowing that you’re not under/over insured.

Measurement and sketch performed by a by a neutral third-party Licensed and Certified Appraiser based on American National Standards Institute (ANSI) documented with professional sketching software.

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