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Since 2003 Trust Real Estate Appraisal Services PLC of West Michigan are Third Party providers of Appraisal and valuation services for residential Buyers, Sellers, Attorneys, Financial, and Insurance professionals. 

Tom Markoski is a REALTOR®. Is the founding Member at Trust Real Estate Appraisal Services PLC who maintains and holds one out of only 1,071 State Certified Residential Appraiser Credentials issued by the state of Michigan. In his work, Tom has solved and processed thousands of complex real estate transactions in his career to date and is a 15-year Real Estate industry veteran with a combined Brokerage and Appraisal transactions averaging 175 annually in his stellar career to date. He has practiced his Salespersons license with United Country, Greenridge and Newaygo Realty companies.

That experience coupled with a 15-year Real Estate career with his project management skill set, adaptation, recognition of opportunities, and identifying the best approach, that produces a successful change for his clients. Tom looks forward in representing Grand Rapids and West Michigan Home Buyers, Sellers, Estates, and Trustees, and specializing in Suburban, Resort (Waterfront & Golf Front) Rural, Recreational, and Acreage real estate.

Tom is a Grand Rapids, MI native, holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Grand Valley State University, and an Associates in Arts Degree from Grand Rapids Community College. Before his real estate career, Tom ran a successful career in Information Systems Development, Deployment, Project Manager and Computer Security Analyst for Michigan’s largest companies in Business, Manufacturing, Government, and Healthcare.

He operates his professional Real Estate practice in Grand Rapids North to Big Rapids, Western Michigan, and the West Central counties of Kent, Montcalm, Newaygo, and Mecosta. From Grand Rapids, North to Big Rapids and areas in between, Rockford, Cedar Springs, Greenville, Newaygo, Big Rapids, Canadian Lakes, and Stanwood Michigan.

You need an Appraisal Company with experience

For 15 years we have dedicated ourselves to give our clients the utmost satisfaction, Appraisal and real estate consulting products that our clients base their decisions.

Over the years we have thousands of hours of proctored real estate appraisal, statistics, construction education and continuous education to stay on top of our profession and the top of our game. We belong to numerous publications, groups, as well as engaging with other area appraisers nationwide to elevate or business. All of this allows us to stay on top of the issues, learn new tools and utilize them to keep creating the best product we can for you. Whether you need an appraisal for a purchase, a divorce, a tax appeal or any other reason, we have you covered.

You need a company that cares

With our passion for the profession, our guidance, and knowledge, we tailor each appraisal report to fit the specific needs of our clients. We know that each of our client’s has their own story, their own circumstances, challenges and with our guidance and our experience you can be sure you are getting a well thought out product. We value our Client’s and we always walk our clients through the best and worst case scenarios of our products/services, to be sure your protected.

The Process:  

1)  Contact us so that we can determine your need and the scope of work that will be required.

2)  Set up an appointment for the physical inspection of the home so that we can begin the process of data collection. That is not similar to a home inspection rather a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of your home for the appraiser to obtain all the information needed to begin the report. 

3)  Research & Analysis:  Once we have completed the inspection we will then begin the Research and Analysis of the market and all other items that will pertain to your need.  That includes market conditions, location, GLA, sales within the area, external factors, motivations, and more. 

4)  Completion of Report and Delivery via Email.   Once we have completed your report, we will deliver it via Email in a PDF format. 

5)  Post delivery follows up.  Which allows us to answer any questions you may have regarding the report.

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