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Welcome to Trust Real Estate Appraisal Services PLC.

The Grand Rapids and Metro areas have grown dramatically both in lifestyle, business, reputation, and population in the fifty-plus years.

In 2020, there are 100,000 plus more new West Michiganders than in 2003.

It’s essential for anyone thinking about getting involved in Grand Rapids and West Michigan Real Estate to want to choose a Grand Rapids and West Michigan native as their appraiser.

We know and Value Grand Rapids and West Michigan.


Tom Markoski began his career not in Appraising, but in Film, Video, and technology.

Starting with IBM Mainframes at Grand Rapids Community College, then onto the early 1980s emerging “Personal Computer era.”

In 1983, Tom earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Film and Video Production from Grand Valley State University, in Allendale Michigan.

His studies included a diverse group of Liberal Arts electives from “Basic” Programming, Script Writing, Project Management, Architecture and Anthropology studies.

Post internships and Graduation, Toms’ professional Media background began as a broadcast engineer.

Then onto a Corporate Media Director position for an International Wood Working Machinery Dealer. He was hired to create a media program where he wrote, produced, directed, and editing corporate sales and service videos. Then, later on, implemented the company’s first business computer systems.

Tom started his project management career starting with a Business Consulting firm specializing in Information Systems Development, Training, and implementation services for the local and State government systems information systems.

The consulting experience got me noticed, then I was hired by an international business furniture manufacturer to secure its global IT network server operations as their Information Security Specialist.

That led to West Michigan’s largest health care hospital systems hiring me to secure their day to day Mainframe, Mid Range, and Server systems.

After 9/11, a majority of the countries’ largest Hospital systems were mandated to have information systems Business/Recovery plans.

I was promoted as the project manager and was tasked to create this unprecedented Disaster plan startup; producing, writing, and implementing the Hospital’s first Disaster Recovery program. Four years later, from concept to deployment, my first official DR test was on time and on budget success.

From Information Security To Real Estate Appraisal

In 2004, Tom moved on from corporate work to pursue his entrepreneurial career as an independent real estate appraiser.

The average person has a limited understanding of what Real Estate Appraisers actually do. I’ll be brief, so here’s the technical version.

Real Estate Appraisers are in the valuation business of Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS), support services for Attorney, Insurance Claims, Wills, Trusts, and Real Estate Brokerage support services.

Appraisers are regulated by the FDIC, OCC, HUD, and The State of Michigan.

Real Estate Appraisers is one of the few vocations that have specific training, apprenticeship, professional licenses, and the independence to determine the market value of a residential property.

From Mortgages, Legal, Insurance, and Tax appraisals, there are established guidelines and laws that must be followed when it comes to determining real estate value.

In his practice to date, Tom has produced thousands of complex real estate appraisal transactions and totaling over a half a billion dollars in production and providing Clients with specific in-depth regional reporting of Grand Rapids Metro and West Michigan local real estate markets.

What We Do For Our Clients
As a Certified Residential Appraiser, my workflow, strategies, and planning covers a variety of topic areas, including both macro and micro real estate economics, data extraction/analysis, buyer and seller behavior, market trends, and statistics.

Developing and identifying real estate valuation and appraisals is what we do well. Working with Trust Real Estate Appraisal Services PLC ensures you’re not overlooking any important detail. Buy and or Sell Real Estate like an Appraiser. Our strength is your strength.

About Mortgage Lending Appraisal Requirements

The National Association of Realtors November 2019 Report on Real Estate reported that 93% of home purchases that require a mortgage are by first-time buyers at 93%.

Second, and third home purchases are at 88% mortgaged-backed transactions.

As mandated by Federal law, those transactions require an Appraisal performed by a State Certified Real Estate Appraiser that the Lender or their Agent must utilize an independent Appraiser professional.

Your Mortgage Banker will hire an Appraiser like Tom Markoski to provide that service.

However, those “Lender” Appraisals benefit the Bank, not either the Seller or Buyer in the transaction.

Real Estate Consumers should stop relying on a ‘Mortgage Banker” appraisal to make a their purchase decision.

Don’t overpay for the property; it’s too easy to do in either down or heated markets like we have currently.

Make sure your calculations are accurate.

Insist on a complete neighborhood analysis by a highly trained Certified Appraiser at Trust Real Estate Appraisal Services PLC, not online by either a marketing sites Automated Valuation Model (AVM) or a deterministic and biased Algorithm.

Get the big picture from a local West Michigan market expert, who is independent and the only non commissioned participant in the transaction whose core mandate is to protect the public trust as an unbiased third-party to protect your interest in the transaction.

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