Grand Rapids, West Michigan Third Party, Impartial Real Estate Appraisal Products and Services

Trust Real Estate Appraisal Services PLC is a Grand Rapids, West Michigan Third-Party, Impartial Professional Real Estate Firm. We produce Real Estate Appraisals and Advisory products our Clients use for everyday helpfulness from start to finish of their real estate journey.

For the majority of Americans, a real estate transaction is an event we rarely experience in our lifetime. Choosing a State Licensed and Board Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser from Trust Appraisal Services provides our Clients with the most stringent residential real estate appraisal credentials the State of Michigan authorizes.

We take our responsibility and service to our clients professionally. Our continuous training and process improvements benefit our Real Estate Appraisal Clients.

An independent third party, an impartial appraisal from a State Licensed and Board Certified Real Estate Appraiser provides several advantages over what a real estate agents informal CMA provides a potential home seller to win their listing business. Real Estate Agents work hard to build a relationship with their customers, and many do not want to devalue that relationship by getting in the middle of sticky situations like foreclosure, death, divorce or a dissolving partnership, where one or both parties are disappointed with the values given.

Second, there is a conflict of interest that can occur when a home seller who purchased their home a few years ago comes in to have that same property valued. An Agent/Broker may be tempted to give you a higher value on that equipment than it should have, to justify the original sale price and avoid an awkward experience for both the Agent/Broker and your property.

Having a third party, impartial Appraiser performs a Certified Residential Appraisal with no connection to either an Owner, their property and Agent or Broker, will get you the most accurate values with no conflict of interest that anyone needs to consider.

A professional Real Estate Agent or Broker will always recommend to their customers to consider hiring a third party appraisal.

Appraisal reports from a certified appraiser are standardized, professional, organized, and universally recognized in most courts and with the IRS.

Having an independent third party involved with no tie to either of the parties involved saves both the Home Owner and the Agent or Broker from the headaches of having to justify why they provided the numbers they did in front of a judge. Additionally, if it does have to go to court, the Appraiser will stand behind those values.

Home Owner Maintenance Cost-How it Impacts Sellers & Buyers

Home Owner Maintenance Cost-How it Impacts Sellers & Buyers

All housing components have a life span. Some parts last a lifetime, and others are more or less “consumables” and some lasting only a few years. Maintenance costs go with the property from day one of ownership and are factored to be considered to be at “market value” as defined by a Certified Residential Appraiser. 

There is a life expectancy of most of those, and that is approximately 5-18 Years, and that time goes fast. And if you, as a home Seller that could have a market value impact on your list price with low offers from market participants.

And if you’re a home buyer, performing your due diligence could save you time, frustration, and money. At the end of the day, only you can look out for what is your best interests. In real estate, it’s “buyer beware.” If your experience in real estate is limited, selecting the right professional is paramount for your success by choosing the right deal or falling into a money pit.

No one can better look out for you and your family’s self-interest other than you. Choosing the professional will provide you with that due diligence. Buying a home for the first time or third time can be emotional for those involved. Don’t enable yourself into “sleepwalking” through a home purchase process. “Sleep Walking” is a term for anyone that’s over-reliant on an inexperienced one real estate actor, In addition to not being vetted by you for professional competence.