What Recent Homebuyers Would Change If They Could Have A  Do-Over.

  • 56 percent wish they knew more about the financial aspects.

State Certified Residential Appraiser’s Function is Financial as we’re State Licensed and Federally Regulated by the FDIC, OCC, HUD, FHA and Fannie Mae. Mortgage Bankers are required to Hire an Appraiser for a Home Mortgage. Appraisers protect the public interest in real estate transactions.

  • 39 percent would change size, price or neighborhood.

That’s a lot of consumers who were not well informed enough to be made aware of their options by their agent (if they were represented). At Trust Real Estate Appraisal Services we offer Home Buyer Consultation and Valuation products that is unbiased, independent and reliable.

  • 66 percent of recent homebuyers sought advice only from a real estate agent.

The remaining 34 percent turned to Mortgage Bankers and Loan Officers which means that 100% of them relied on commission-based salespersons as their sole real estate advisors. That means Zero have reported to hiring a third party, independent licensed or Certified Real Estate Appraiser professional, who for a very small fee (when compared to the Mortgage fees, interest and Agent commissions) could have had all the above questions plus more answered without any drama or embellishment. Source:

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